Hear from some of our members about why they are #HerefortheKids.

Hear from some of our members about why they are #HerefortheKids.

The past three years have placed a spotlight on America’s educators and school professionals who have shown us how truly committed they are to helping children thrive despite unprecedented challenges. In every community across America, schools are partnering with parents and families to ensure all children can achieve their full potential.

Although we do not always agree on how to get there, we can come together around our shared values of ensuring every child feels accepted, believes they can succeed, and builds the critical skills to succeed in a diverse world.

Check out our videos below to hear from teachers, principals, superintendents and others why they are #HerefortheKids.

Anna King, President, National PTA, on why she is #HerefortheKids.

Ronn Nozoe, Chief Executive Officer, National Association of Secondary School Principals (NASSP), on why he is #HerefortheKids.

Keith Krueger, CEO of the Consortium for School Networking (CoSN), on why he is #HerefortheKids.

Barbara Hunter, Executive Director, National School Public Relations Association, on why she is #HerefortheKids.

Albert Chen, Acting CEO, PDK International, on why he is #HerefortheKids.

Jill Cook, Executive Director of the American School Counselor Association, on why she is #HerefortheKids.

Elizabeth Foster, VP of Research and Standards, Learning Forward, on why she is #HerefortheKids.

Kim Anderson, Executive Director, NEA, on why she is #HerefortheKids.

Leslie Fenwick, Dean in Residence, AACTE, on why she is #HerefortheKids.

Frank Henderson, President, NSBA, on why he is #HerefortheKids.