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Learning First Alliance

The Learning First Alliance is an alliance of associations advancing trust, investment, and equity in public education for each and every learner.

Back-to-School Season

The 2024 Back-to-School season begins on July 29 and runs until September 30. During this time, we'll be shining a light on kids, their local public schools and the incredible dedication of teachers, counselors, administrators, and other education professionals.


The #HerefortheKids campaign brings together families, educators, and community members to shine a light on local public schools and the amazingly positive things happening in classrooms and school buildings nationwide.

#HerefortheKids Spotlight

Learn more about being #HerefortheKids from Mick Good, East Marshall Custodian and an Iowa Public School Employee for 65 years.

The following video is provided courtesy of the Donovan Group.

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This fall, spread the love, not the germs! Kids look to you to make them ready for school and life. Teach them the lifelong lesson that their health matters. Spread the love by taking the steps to make sure your kids are up to date on wellness visits and routine vaccinations.

Mental Health Matters: An Educator Resource Hub

Mental Health Matters, An Educator Resource Hub will answer questions like how you identify what you need, how you select the path to get what you, your students, and your community needs to meet the challenges blocking learning and growth, and how do we talk about it?

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