Join Learning First Alliance and Our Partners to Celebrate Public Schools

Public schools nationwide are facing their biggest challenge yet: Balancing the competing needs involved in educating our children. Schools have always been a safe haven for all students, a shelter for our most disadvantaged students, a place for nurture, love and learning. As school starts this year—virtually and in person–we cannot predict what the future will hold. But we are committed to learning and growing.  Educators, parents, and communities are rising to many challenges.

We will continue to ensure that every child—regardless of race, religion, ethnicity, income, family background, or ability—is cared for as if he or she were our own.

Our goals and our commitment to students are the same: As public school leaders, we are working for the best interest of all of our students. We will keep them safe, learning, and growing, one student at a time.

We are happy to announce the dates for Public Schools Week 2022: February 21-25, 2022. 

Public Schools Week is a designated week for administrators, teachers, specialists, teacher educators, parents and school board members to host events for their communities and reach out to lawmakers, businesses, and other community members to discuss the importance of public education. Public Schools Week brings together LFA members, educators, parents and many others across the country to show the strength—and potential—of our nation’s public schools and our students’ futures. We celebrate public schools year round with #PublicSchoolProud to show some of the exemplary work of our nation’s educators, particularly in these extraordinary times and circumstances.

For more information, go to Below are materials from Public Schools Week 2021 that are incorporated into the #PublicSchoolProud campaign.

VIDEOS AND PODCASTS: We have numerous podcasts with exemplary educators who are working tirelessly to improve public education for their students and families. Check out our podcast page with interviews from teachers, parents, administrators, principals and many more. 

EDUCATORS AND PARENTS SPEAK OUT ON CAPITOL HILL: On Feb. 26, 2021, a distinguished panel of award-winning educators and parents spoke about their experiences in public schools and show our lawmakers how they can better support all public schools during a panel presentation. Watch the recording on LFA’s Facebook page.