Adolescent Immunization Action Week, April 3-7, 2023

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April 3rd – 7th is Adolescent Immunization Action Week (#AIAW23), a call to action urging parents to get their adolescents up to date on their immunizations. One in five kids—adolescents and elementary-age—are thought to be behind on routine vaccination. Traditionally, kids get vaccines at wellness check-ups, public health clinics, or as part of their school or sports preparations, but the pandemic got in the way for many of us.

Pro Tips on Using ESSER Funds to Accelerate Student Outcomes

2023-03-01T20:27:08+00:00February 28, 2023|

There are multiple causes for concern that ESSER funds need to be optimally used to advance student learning outcomes, writes Annie Morrison, Co-Founder, Rivet Education. A recent study by McKinsey showed that millions of these funds risk going unspent or wasted because education leaders need help to spend them effectively.

The Nation’s Report Card on education: Why we should not lose this moment

2022-10-25T15:23:23+00:00October 24, 2022|

"If we pretend that the pandemic was simply an inconvenience, we will live with its impact for many years," says Richard Long, Executive Director, LFA. "The alternative, however, is clear. The public can instead choose to engage with their local educators, PTAs, and school leadership and help bring about the changes each school needs to support each of the kids in their building."

Launch of #HerefortheKids Campaign

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The Learning First Alliance and its 13 member organizations have come together to empower and provide parents, teachers and other stakeholders with a clear way to express and make visible their support for public education.

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