Adolescent Immunization Action Week, April 3-7, 2023

April 3rd – 7th is Adolescent Immunization Action Week (#AIAW23), a call to action urging parents to get their adolescents up to date on their immunizations.

One in five kids—adolescents and elementary-age—are thought to be behind on routine vaccination. Traditionally, kids get vaccines at wellness check-ups, public health clinics, or as part of their school or sports preparations, but the pandemic got in the way for many of us.

Adolescent immunizations are timed to start protecting kids before they are likely to be exposed to serious, potentially life-threatening illnesses, so it’s important for them to be up to date.

Some vaccines require more than one dose to provide the best protection. Each recommended dose is important, so families are encouraged to take advantage of any upcoming school breaks or holidays to fit in those appointments.

It is natural to have questions about vaccines. Talking with your family or school healthcare provider is the best way to get answers and make your kids part of the discussion.

What can families and students do? Spring into action! Contact your kids’ healthcare provider to find out which recommended vaccines they may need and keep them up to date on their immunizations.

During #AIAW23, the Unity Consortium will be sharing information and resources on social media to highlight the importance of adolescent immunization. The Learning First Alliance will be joining in spreading the word and participating in #AIAW23.

Learn more about #AIAW23 and how you can help ensure kids are up to date on their vaccinations here.

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