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The Learning First Alliance is a partnership of leading education organizations representing more than 10 million members dedicated to improving student learning in America's public schools. We share examples of success, encourage collaboration at every level, and work toward the continual and long-term improvement of public education based on solid research.

What's New on Public School Insights

John-David Bowman, the 2015 Arizona Teacher of the Year, is pleased with his state's move to Common Core and Common Core-aligned assessments. But the amount of testing--particularly tests that are not aligned to state standards, or given at the whim...  Read More >
This month’s issue of School Administrator magazine focuses on combating poverty. It’s ironic that this should even be a topic for discussion in one of the richest countries in the world. Yet according to the National Center for Children in...  Read More >
You don’t need to look far within the hallways and classrooms to see the digital revolution in our schools. The growing use of technology is not only transforming learning – it is also extending and personalizing the learning experience.  ...  Read More >
When the city of Flint, Michigan switched its water source in 2014, issues with the water quality became immediately apparent. But it wasn’t until recently that the problems with the water supply, corrosion of pipes and lead in the water became...  Read More >
Hawaii has many educational challenges related to its geography and diversity, but it has succeeded in its efforts to instill college- and career-ready standards. In the latest Get It Right podcast, Suzanne Mulcahy, Hawaii’s assistant...  Read More >
Teachers are an undeniably important factor for ensuring students receive a good education. But they are frustrated--they often feel that their voices are often lost in the ongoing debates about education policy and issues related to student...  Read More >