An Emerging Vision

A quiet revolution in public education is in full swing. Public schools and their communities are rolling out innovative strategies to give all students every chance to thrive in a challenging new century. These efforts add up to an emerging vision for the future of public schools. They deserve our nation's continued commitment and resources.

  • Giving Students Personal Attention
  • Reaching for High Standards that Matter
  • Connecting Communities
  • Creating Safe Inspiring Places to Learn
  • Empowering Professionals

  • Giving Students Personal Attention

    Learn about staff in public schools and districts who forge strong, caring and respectful bonds with students. These staff pay close attention to each student's academic progress and physical, emotional and social development, and they tailor instruction to students' individual needs.

    Reaching for High Standards that Matter

    Read about public schools and districts that help students meet high academic standards that reflect the demands of life as a democratic citizen in a fast-changing world. Teachers use engaging instruction and materials to make those standards relevant and attainable for students. Assessments tied to those standards accurately measure what each student has mastered, while showing educators and parents where individual students need support or new approaches to succeed.

    Connecting Communities

    Learn how families, communities and public school staff join forces to help students thrive. They jointly set goals for their schools and students. They openly share information about student learning and well-being and take responsibility for children's health, safety, happiness, character development and academic success.

    Creating Safe, Great Places to Learn

    Read about public school staff and communities that create safe and engaging learning environments - both inside and outside the school walls. Great places to learn inspire innovation, imagination, collaboration, respect, personal responsibility and hard work.

    Empowering Professionals

    Find out about expert, caring and accountable public school professionals who take charge of their practice and give students the support they need to flourish. These professionals are continually strengthening their professional knowledge and skills and collaborating with one another to create an excellent working environment for professionals and an excellent learning environment for students.

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