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Movement Towards Common Standards

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The move towards common standards is picking up steam.  Many who agree on the need for "fewer, clearer and higher academic standards" see collaboration among states as a strong.mechanism for creating such standards.

While many believe the state consortium model protects the common standards movement from undue federal influence, uncertainty about the federal government's role in supporting the common standards movement persists. Questions about the federal role loomed large at a House Panel yesterday.

The committee hearing

The committee hearing featured a lot of rather vague talk -- most of it framed in the now-familiar "education for economic competitiveness" argument.

Except for AFT President Randi Weingarten, who in less than five minutes gave an impassioned and persuasive plea to end the "triage approach to public education" and stop "just tinkering around the edges". Instead, she called for a "comprehensive approach" to improving education, including "better, fairer" assessment and accountability systems aligned with a "content-rich, sequenced curriculum".

Video of her testimony is worth watching:

Thanks for the link,

Thanks for the link, MItchell.  As you may know, AFT is a member of the Learning First Alliance, which sponsors this site. Randi is extending a long tradition at the AFT--which is why it was shocking to see so many commentators write that AFT had "finally come around" to this reform idea.