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State and federal officials talk about school choice, but what exactly is it? LFA Deputy Director Anne O'Brien defines some key school choice terms in an article for Edutopia.
This one-pager from the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) highlights concerns about private school voucher programs, including concerns about: Academic achievement of participating students Lack of accountability of these programs Discrimination occurring within them Their impact on school segregation Fiscal impact on public schools
As a whole, research suggests that academic effects in charter schools are, at best, mixed—varying by the research method, state, district, subject, grade level and individual school. This 2017 research brief from the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) includes the findings of prominent national studies, and the impact of charter...
The National PTA submitted a letter to the House Education and the Workforce Committee in February 2017 reaffirming its principles on public school choice and opposition to private school vouchers and other initiatives that divert funds from public education to private entities.
In light of new research on schools of choice, the Center for Public Education at the National School Boards Association updated its report, "School Choice: What the Research Says," in January 2017. According to CPE, "A few findings stand out. Unlike charter schools overall — which aren’t as universally high...
Education Savings Accounts are the latest trend in publicly subsidized private school education. This policy brief from the National Education Association (NEA) offers a quick overview of the issue.