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Last night, I got some forty spam comments from essay mills. This sort of thing happens pretty often, but it's beginning to get under my skin. Do many college or high school students actually submit essays from these mills as their own work? How big is this problem?

I have no love for comment spammers in general, but these spammers strike me as especially dastardly. Take, for example, college-paper.org, which has flooded this blog with comments. The site's tag line is "Intelligence Made Easy," which pretty much sums things up.

The site makes no pretense of helping students with their writing, as some essay sites do. "Are you missing out on the things you want to do because you are working on your research paper?" the site asks visitors. Get someone else to do your work, because, golly, thinking for yourself is hard. So is acting with integrity. (And do college students really need to cut down on the hours they spend studying?)

And here's the kicker: All those spam comments? Plagiarized from other sources.

Image: Durova, Wikimedia Commons.