State Alliances: Ohio


Formed as a state Learning First Alliance in 2001.


The goals of the Ohio Learning First Alliance (OLFA) mirror those of the national Alliance:

  1. Ensure that high academic expectations are held for all students;
  2. Ensure a safe and supportive place of learning for all students; and
  3. Engage educators, parents and other community members in helping students achieve high expectations.

Since its inception, OLFA has worked directly with school districts to improve education at the local level. Through a grant from the Martha Holden Jennings Foundation, OLFA has formed a unique partnership among its member organizations, the Ohio Department of Education, and 10 Ohio school districts placed on the state’s list of academic emergency. As part of this partnership OFLA members provide technical assistance to all 10 districts.

For more information contact, OLFA Chair:
Mr. Nelson Vincent
513-556-2323 (w)